The impossible comparisons: Nikon vs Elefant vs supersampled Sony A7 :)

People is spending a lot of effort to make size comparison between the new Nikon mirrorless and other cameras. So let’s check out some of the crazy versions 🙂

Sony a7 III is the Camera Nikon’s Full Frame Mirrorless Must Beat

Hugh Brownstone writes:

Nikon has a once -in-a-generation opportunity to redefine state of the art — actually reset the entire industry — but they have to get past Sony’s a7 III first. This is a unique set of opportunities and challenges, and it is not yet clear if Nikon — or Canon coming in behind them — is up to it.

Nikon FF mirrorless versus Fuji GFX size comparison

Here is a rendered and probably not 100% accurate comparison between the new Nikon FF mirrorless and the Fuji GFX. It has to be seen if the new Nikon mount gives us enough room to fit a small medium format sensor inside….what do you think?