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New Nikon Z6 AstroKit

Primalucelab announced the first Z6 AstroKit:

Nikon Z6 is the mirrorless camera with a full frame sensor (24x36mm) that, thanks to our astrophotography adapter kit, is perfect for telescopes! The 24x36mm 24MP sensor, with large 6 micron pixels, is positioned only 16mm from the bayonet and allows you to reach the focus more easily with different telescopes. The new Nikon Z bayonet offers a wide 55mm free opening to avoid vignetting even with fast focal ratios. Our AstroKit includes a special converter from Nikon Z bayonet to M48 thread to connect the camera to the telescopes with a connection for 50.8mm (2”) diameter filters, perfect for use with light pollution reduction filters. Our Giotto optional filter drawer also allows you to change the filter without disassembling the camera and integrates an off-axis guider: all with a thickness of 55mm, the value required by most correctors and reducers for astrophotography with telescopes.

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