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Interview Nikon CP+ 2024

Photorend spoke with with Mitsuteru Hino , Head of UX Planning, Imaging Business Unit at Nikon Corp. Here are the most interesting parts:

  1. Selling products at higher prices, both cameras and lenses, has helped increase revenues and profits at Nikon’s Imaging division.
  2. Nikon is therefore the only manufacturer to produce its lenses from the glass stage. The glass company [Hikari Glass, Editor’s note] is part of the Nikon group, which allows us to have a constant exchange and to specify our needs in terms of lenses. This represents a significant advantage for Nikon, it’s a capability that other manufacturers do not have
  3. About future products: We would like to surprise you, so please be patient for that.
  4. we are putting more emphasis on firmware updates
  5. The reason some of our cameras do not accept third-party batteries is security. That’s why we prefer that you use official Nikon batteries.
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