DxOmark tested the Nikon Z 50mm lens: “exceptionally sharp and a very good all-round performer”

DxOmark tested the Nikon Z 50mm lens writes

Conclusion: A great choice for Nikon Z adopters

The new wider Z-mount with its shorter register means that there’s a lot more flexibility for the optical engineers when designing lenses. Although the benefits derived from this are usually more applicable to wide-angle designs, there has been a noticeable improvement in terms of optical quality over the Nikkor’s F-mount predecessor. Whether that’s due to the more complex optical design or the greater freedom enabled by the mount—or both—is best known to Nikon. Certainly the new lens is more expensive than the F-mount version, but it’s all relative: after all, it is exceptionally sharp and a very good all-round performer. Even wide-open, it comes close to some of the best and most expensive lenses currently available, so in our opinion, the Nikon Nikkor Z 50mm F1.8 S offers an exceptionally good balance between price and prowess.

First Mitakon 50mm f/0,95 III Z-mount lens test

Richard Wong tested the new Mitakon 50mm f/0,95 III Z-mount lens. And his test shows this is actually a rather good lens. Here yous ee the comparison with the Nikon AIS 50mm f/1.2 lens:

His conclusion:

I was really impressed when I was testing the Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm f/0.95 II. An ultra fast full frame lens with nice metal construction that wouldnt cost a leg and an arm is something a lot of people wanted. However it was only available in Sony E mount which means a lot of us just can’t have it.

Now Zhongyi released the new version and the image quality and build quality are both very good and th price remains very affordable. So if you were already interested in getting the mark II but still haven’t buy one yet, the mark III would easily make you bring out your credit card. The Mitakon 50mm f/0.95 III allows you to create photos normal 50 f/1.4 lens can’t do.

And if you are a Nikon Z or Canon RF camera owner, then you should be really excited about this lens as well. This is one of the first third party ultra fast lens available for your mirrorless camera system. Manual focus is very easy on a mirrorless camera so you could shoot at f/0.95 whole day if you want and still able to get very high percentage of sharp in focus photos.

I also really like the fact that the lens isn’t really that big or heavy (for such a fast lens). I was carrying the lens and my z6 with me almost everyday when reviewing this lens, even on the day I wasn’t expecting to take any photos.

Behind the scene with Daniel Kordan and NIKKOR Z 24-7mm f/2.8 S

Landscape photographer Daniel Kordan just found his perfect travel companion. The Z mount’s large diameter makes the NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S capable of capturing shots with unprecedented sharpness, while the rugged build and precise engineering brace the lens for unpredictable weather and the toughest trails.