New Nikon cameras rumored to be named Z6 and Z7. New 58mm f/0.95 to be released soon after too!

There is a new rumor listing the possible new Nikon gear:

On August 23 Nikon will announce this:
Nikon Z6: high speed, low light model (24MP)
Nikon Z7: high-resolution model (45MP)
Z-Nikkor 24-70mm f/4
Z-Nikkor 50mm f/1.8
Z-Nikkor 35mm f/1.8

A couple of months later Nikon will releases this:
Z-Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/0.95

Particularly the Nikkor 58mm f/0,95 lens will have a great wow factor necessary for Nikon to create big attention on the system The big question is…what will be the price of it?

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The full Nikon Full Frame camera and lens rumors roundup!

So this is the full rumored specs recap of the new Nikon Full Frame cameras/lenses:

  • Two different mirrorless full frame cameras
  • Resolution: 24-25MP and 45-48MP
  • Similar body size to the Sony a7 camera
  • 5-axis in-body stabilization
  • 9fps
  • 4k video
  • Memory cards: XQD and CF Express
  • EVF resolution: 3.6 million dots
  • Nikon is putting a lot of emphasis and effort into the shooting experience of the new mirrorless camera. The camera was designed with ergonomics in mind.
  • Over 400 AF points, not sure about the exact number, it should be somewhere between 430-450. The AF is supposed to be very fast.
  • The rear LCD screen is tiltable just like the Nikon D850.
  • There is a second LCD screen on the top of the camera.
  • My understanding is that there is only one selection wheel on top of the camera.
  • The camera’s “prism” with the EVF is a bit less angular/smoother when compared to the Sony a7.
  • I can now confirm that the new 24-70 mirrorless full frame kit lens will indeed be f/4.
  • I see 8K listed in the technical specifications, but it is hard for me to get the translation – I don’t think it’s for video, maybe 8K time-lapse just like the D850?
  • The new Nikon mirrorless camera will have a nice finish and a very comfortable grip. The overall handling/feeling is supposed to be excellent – this is coming from somebody who is/has tested the camera.
  • Most likely no built-in flash.
  • The promo materials should include dancers.
  • Potential names: Z300 and Z500 (not confirmed, take it with a grain of salt for now).
  • Initially, three lenses will be announced: 24-70mm f/4, 35mm and 50mm (I think the 35 and 50mm will be f/1.4). There is also talk about a 24mm, but it may come later.
  • At least one new mirrorless zoom lens will have power zoom for video recording (unconfirmed, could be announced later).
  • Two electric AF motors (not confirmed).
  • Very sophisticated new F-mount adapter (confirmed by multiple sources).
  • I was told that Nikon is currently developing a large number of new mirrorless lenses and this is a top priority.
  • The new mirrorless mount will allow for f/0.95 lenses

Few tidbits about the new Nikon Full Frame mirrorless

one of the many Nikon FF mirrorless renderings made by the Nikon community

We got some early info about the future new Full Frame Nikon mirrorless camera:

  • There will be two cameras at launch
  • The first cameras will ship during the first half of 2019
  • The new mount is NOT name Z-mount as rumored on other sites
  • The sensor is not the same of the D850 but a new sensor optimized for autofocus speed. Megapixels will be less than the 46MP from the D850
  • The design is somewhere in between the modern Sony A7 and the more classic Fuji X cameras.
  • The viewfinder is in the middle just like the Sony A7 series.

Reliability of that rumor is 65%.