Bloomberg: Nikon and Canon face a threat from Sony. But Nikon may change this soon…

Bloomberg reports how Nikon and Canon dominancy is threatened by Sony’s new mirrorless camera. For Blooberg analysts the only way for Canon and Nikon to stop Sony is to launch their own mirorrless Full Frame cameras:

Nikon is working on its first full-frame mirrorless camera, with more details of the device due to be announced on Aug. 23.
Canon hasn’t disclosed any concrete plans; they’re “within the scope of development,” a company spokesman said. “The hurdle for Sony is still high,” said Tomonori Igari, an editor at Asahi Camera. “It depends on how much they commit to creating a support structure, and also on Nikon and Canon’s mirrorless strategy.”

The impossible comparisons: Nikon vs Elefant vs supersampled Sony A7 :)

People is spending a lot of effort to make size comparison between the new Nikon mirrorless and other cameras. So let’s check out some of the crazy versions 🙂

Sony a7 III is the Camera Nikon’s Full Frame Mirrorless Must Beat

Hugh Brownstone writes:

Nikon has a once -in-a-generation opportunity to redefine state of the art — actually reset the entire industry — but they have to get past Sony’s a7 III first. This is a unique set of opportunities and challenges, and it is not yet clear if Nikon — or Canon coming in behind them — is up to it.

This is the first Nikon Full Frame mirrorless paper model :)

Based on the leaked teaser image @buildyourcamera created this Nikon Full Frame mirrorless paper model. This might be really close to the actual camera that Nikon will announce on August 23!

New Nikon patent shows a mirrorless camera CMOS global shutter with dual pixel autofocus

Nikon is working on the holy grail of mirrorless system camera sensor tech. In the newly published patent application (submitted in January 2018)  they present a new sensor:

In order to realize a global shutter in a CMOS image sensor, there is known an imaging apparatus in which a storage section is provided to a pixel.

Moreover the sensor has on sensor phase detection pixels similar to Canon’s dual pixel tech.If Nikon can really translate this into their new FF mirrorless it would certainly mark a quantum leap over current Sony’s.