NIKKOR Z Lens Technology

Take a glimpse into what makes the NIKKOR Z lenses so powerful. Breakthroughs in lens development, intuitive control, and superior coating material, combined with high dust and drip resistance, makes for a smoother experience in both photography and videography.

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Nikon Z 50mm F1.8 S tested at Dpreview: “outstanding sharpness”

Dpreview published their full Nikon Z 50mm F1.8 S test:

What we like:
Good build quality, and nicely balanced on Z6/7
Excellent sharpness at all apertures
Very well-controlled coma
Minimal LoCA

What we don’t
Large by the standards of ‘traditional’ 50mm F1.8 lenses
Costly compared to the F-mount equivalent (but a totally new design)
Not the prettiest bokeh – onion rings and ‘bullseyes’ visible at some apertures and with some subjects

The Nikon Z 50mm F1.8 S is a powerful standard lens for the Z system, offering outstanding sharpness and full-aperture performance. There are better 50mm lenses on the market for portraiture, but none that are sharper or so well-corrected for coma and longitudinal chromatic aberration when shot wide open.