Imaging Resource Nikon interview: “will keep launching surprising and exciting products one after another”

Imaging Resource talked to a bunch of Nikon managers:

– Nikon does not expect the market to drop by 50% (like Canon predicted)
– Nikon will keep launching surprising and exciting products one after another
– Z-mount allows more symmetrical lens arrangement, so users will greatly benefit from the optical advantages.

There is also a lot of talk about the Z-mount tech but there is really nothing new there to see 🙂

Nikon says yes to APS-C mirrorless but doesn’t disclose if it will use Z-mount or not…

Dpreview interviewed two Nikon managers. They made quite a cryptic statement about possible APS-C mirrorless cameras:

I cannot disclose our plans but for today I can say that since we launched the Z series, our DX format DSLR users have been asking us to apply mirrorless technology to the DX format as well. If we employ APS-C sensors [in mirrorless] maybe the system can be made even smaller. So as we go along, we’ll listen to the voices of our customers.

Sounds like they might use a new mount for APS-C mirrorless?