Full Nikon Z7 Review at Dpreview: “extremely well-rounded digital camera”

Dpreview published the full and final Nikon Z7 review:

The Nikon Z7 is an extremely well-rounded digital camera and suitable for a wide range of photographic and video needs. It packs outstanding image quality and very good 4K video in a lightweight, well-built package with in-body image stabilization. Autofocus is slightly less reliable than the competition and the buffer can be limiting for fast action, but overall, the Z7 is a pleasure to shoot with.

Dpreview: Five ways the Nikon Z7 could be improved

Dpreview listed five things Nikon has to improve on the Z7:

It’s AF where we’ve seen the most serious issues with performance. Unexpectedly, the native Z lenses we’ve tried appear to focus more slowly and less predictably than adapted F-mount lenses too (though to their credit they are silent to focus in video).

In most other respects the Z7 is an impressive camera. We’re optimistic that where we have concerns, Nikon can address some of them via firmware, and others via new dedicated flash accessories. Our other concerns? Perhaps we’ll just have to wait for a Z8.

Nikon Z lenses – are they better than F Mount?

Matt Granger:

“Nikon has been promoting the larger diameter and shorter flange distance of the Z mount, and how this will allow more lens designs, easier design, better optics, faster AF and edge to edge sharpness. But are they actually better? In this video I compare the 24-70mm f4 Z lens to the 24-70mm f2.8G lens and the 35mm f1.8 Z lens to the Tamron 35mm f1.8 VC. Tested on their native mount cameras the Z7 and the D850.”