Coming soon: Nikon Z firmware update will add Eye AF, Raw video and CFexpress support

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The Nikon Z Series: Upcoming Firmware on Display

The Nikon Z series will continue to adapt to changing user needs through the development and roll-out of firmware updates to meet and exceed creative expectations. Taking into account feedback from photographers and creators, Nikon will display three feature updates under development that open creative opportunities for the Z 6 and Z 7. Displays will include:

  • CFexpress Coming soon to the Z 6 and Z 7 cameras is support for CFexpress, which is compatible with the XQD memory card form-factor.
  • Eye AF Under development is an Eye AF function, which will automatically detect the subject’s eyes to make attaining critical focus on the eyes easier. It will allow users to capture photos in which focus has been clearly acquired on the subject’s eye, which is useful for portrait, event and street photography scenarios.
  • RAW Video Support Nikon is currently developing a feature that works with the ATOMOS Ninja V to output video in RAW format, using the ProRes RAW codec.

Details, including the release date of new firmware updates, will be shared at a later date.

via Dpreview

Dpreview: What Nikon has to improve in 2019

Dpreview made a list of things Nikon has to improve in 2019:

Nikon, you’re getting there. You launched the Z-mount with a bang in 2018, but despite its high-end pricing you must have known that the flagship Z7 wouldn’t be quite enough to tempt professionals and enthusiasts away from their D850 and D5 bodies. Don’t let the haters get you down, though. Keep up the pace and turn the Z mount into the professional system that we know it can be. We’re rooting for you.

Nikon – in 2019 we wish you would…

-Keep developing that Z-series lens roadmap.
-Bring 3D AF Tracking to the Z-series – in fact, bring all of your industry-leading AF area modes to the Z-series.
-Make an FTZ adapter with a built-in AF motor. Carey’s got a 105mm F2 DC he really wants to shoot with.
-Make the Z mount an open standard.

KIPON released MTF curve&sample photos for new ELEGANT series lenses

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KIPON released MTF curve&sample photos for new ELEGANT series lenses
time:2018-12-11 15:22:48 Views:122
KIPON released MTF curve and sample photos for new Elegant series lenses for Nikon Z mount and Canon R mount cameras,the optic system with IBERIT series,mixture of classic and modern design,photographers can get strong classic and modern feeling from these lenses,for processing quality,current days only very limited lens manufacture would like to develop these kind of lenses,even only want photographers get smooth focus feeling,we intergrated German&Swiss precision bearing into the lens design.For optic performance,on Fullframe sensor,or Apsc sensor,both result are very good.Attached some straight out sample photos taken by Nikon Z7, Canon R, also attached some sample photos by Fuji X mount Apsc camera,

24mm MTF f2.4

24mm MTF f4

24mm MTF f5.6

35mm MTF f2.4

35mm MTF f4

35mm MTF f5.6

50mm MTF f2.4

50mm MTF f4

50mm MTF f5.6

75mm MTF f2.4

75mm MTF f4

75mm MTF f5.6

90mm MTF f2.4

90mm MTF f4

90mm MTF f5.6

sample photos by Nikon Z7,

sample photos by Canon R:

Sampls photos by Fuji X apsc sensor camera using the same optic system: