Nikon believes they can beat Canon and Sony in the Full Frame segment

The folks from Dpreview had a chat with Nikon and they made quite a bold statement:

“Our goal is to become number one in the full-frame market. We believe that we can achieve the number one position maybe quite soon”

This means Nikon is sure that after decades of Canon dominance they can finally overthrow them. What could sound even more “arrogant?” is that they believe this will happen “quite soon”. The history of all companies is full of such bold statements. For now let’s hope Nikon brings out new Z glass soon!

Nikon Z7: High ISO and Exposure Recovery


This is the camera test of the Nikon Z. There are two thing we will look at in this video first is the High ISO Performance going from 100 ISO to 25,600 ISO and the second is an exposure recovery test. This consists of overexposing and underexposing the image +/- 5 Stops and then trying to recover it in post-production. This can be an important part of dealing with the footage in case you make a mistake on set if you can recover that in post it might not be a totally lost shot.

Nikon Z news roundup…

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